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- Hey guys! This is my first big project, and I hope you like it! Any comments and advice will be highly appreciated. This is the fisrt chapter of the whole game.

Völuspá is a course completion project under development. It is a game that aims to show another view of the Nordic myth of Ragnarök, from the perspective of the main character, the wolf Fenrir. It is a narrative game, intended to tell a story, more than challenge the player. Its mechanics are a mix between interactive animation (Dragon's Lair, Telltale games) and narrative choices (Cinders, and Telltale games).

Its name comes from the prophecy that encompasses both Ragnarök and the beginning of the world.

Install instructions

Extract both .exe file and Data folder in the same place! Also leave the resolution at 800x600, but you can choose whether  you want full screen or window size!


Voluspa_1.rar 198 MB


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Love It, Love It, Love It! I want more! I nearly made a Let's play
of this game for my main channel, But I honestly think my stupid face
would take away from the beautiful mood of this game. That, and its a bit short ATM. But I had to showcase it on my other channel that previews Indie Games. I really hope
there will be a full release in the works. I would love to see it. I'm not sure why but if you search for this game on itch.io, you cant find it. Not sure if that is what you planned, but I just wanted to let you know its not easy to find without a link. Here is my Game Glance of Voluspa if anyone is interested. (mind you, It's basically the same as the preview on this page.) hopefully I can make a full let's play of the game soon. ;)

Hi! Thank you so much for the interest! :) That's not what I planned at all, but as I'm very new to this site I might have done something wrong. I will try to fix it ASAP, thanks for bringing this to my attention (and also trying to find the game)! And yes, I hope to make a full version of this game, though it might no be soon unfortunately. Still, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this comment! I will keep updating this page with more news! :)